Education Dissertation Writing Guide & 30 Researchable Topics

An education dissertation is required for a higher institution’s degree in education. It is what shows that you have completed your course and you have learned. This is your avenue to practicalize what you have been taught throughout your university years. It also shows that you have been able to build independent research skills.

This article aims to give you education dissertation ideas. However, before giving topic ideas, it is necessary to mention that there is an acceptable length for a dissertation.

How long is a dissertation in education?

The length of a dissertation in education depends on the country, the course, and the level of study. It also depends on the institution. This article gives a general guide on how long is a dissertation in education, but you need to find out what obtains in your institution.

A dissertation could be between 10,000 and 12000 words at the undergraduate level. At the Master’s level, a dissertation is expected to be around 15,000 and 25,000 words. For a Ph.D., 50,000 words and above is expected.

Having said this, what are the steps to take when writing a dissertation in education?

  • Carefully select a topic

Many students need to learn how to choose a dissertation topic in education. Any topic you are choosing should be something you are interested in. It would help if you did not choose a topic you have no passion for because you will get stuck. You should have also conducted some background research to be sure that the topic can get enough data.

  • Have a goal

Every research has a purpose and objective. You must know how to write good research questions for your education dissertation before you can research. The research question usually gives a clear picture of the goals and objectives of the research. It should never be handled with levity because it anchors the whole research.

How to select dissertation topics education

When choosing your topic, you must also pay attention to its relevance. Don’t pick a topic that has no relevance to present issues in education or that can easily lose relevance. Your topic should also have significance scientifically. Another thing to consider is the practicability of the work and the structure of the dissertation. This article gives possible dissertation topic ideas in education.

Best topics for dissertation in education

There are many topics for a dissertation, and a list of the top topics you could consider includes:

  1. The internet’s effect on students’ social behavior.
  2. Use virtual reality technology in the pedagogical assessment of students.
  3. Unlawful behavior in high school students and pedagogical conditions for prevention.
  4. Differentiated approach to small group interaction processes among students.
  5. Fostering value-based behavior to health among students: a result of a parent-teacher partnership.
  6. Positive interpersonal relations and prevention of younger students’ harassment in educational institutions.
  7. Challenges in early childhood to mandatory school environment transitioning.

Interesting education dissertation topics you can write on

One ingredient a dissertation should have is applicability. The topics below are related to real-life issues and can be interesting:

  1. Public schools and street-smartness development among children and teenagers.
  2. Sports in public schools: mandatory or optional?
  3. Should special schools be public to benefit society more?
  4. A decline in public schools: causes and possible solutions.
  5. The relationship between healthy eating and the introduction of food technology courses in public schools.
  6. 21st Century children’s books and the teaching of gender norms.
  7. What leads to initial anxiety about sending children to preschool parents?

Dissertation topics in higher education for students

The level of education you are attaining is important when writing dissertation topics education. Some possible topics for a higher education degree are listed below:

  1. The enhancement of cultural underpinnings for conventional university education.
  2. Time management and the development of motivation for self-education among students.
  3. The part of social activities in developing motivation for self-education among law students.
  4. Scientific library in universities: a tool in motivation for self-education among students.
  5. Interactive means of developing motivation in foreign language learning among non-core area students.
  6. Teachers’ motivation and advancement to leadership positions in schools.
  7. Accepted etiquette for online learning among students and teachers.
  8. How to thrive as a student who chooses online lessons over physical classes.

What are fascinating dissertation topics in education you can choose from?

There are areas generally that could be of interest to an educator, and some of the interesting ones include:

  1. The perceived value of a university degree among experienced educators.
  2. Teachers’ perceived opportunities and hindrances to learning among less privileged students.
  3. Challenges faced by male educators in their first five years of teaching.
  4. How a thriving educational sector can impact the global economy.
  5. The role of reflection and popular reflective strategies in education.
  6. Differences between the learning style of introverts and extroverts.
  7. Advantages and drawbacks of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation strategies.
  8. The best age to introduce children to educational technologies.


Writing a dissertation is not for the faint-hearted. It takes determination, persistence, and hard work. There are education dissertation examples online and offline that you can consult. You could get a sample from your institution and study it to make your work easier.

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